Research Stories


Browse through some of our stories and you’ll see why the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is one of the leading research institutions in the nation. You’ll get a glimpse of the people who make Carolina research so special, and a new perspective on the way the world works.


Hope smiles as she jumps on a trampoline.

Hope for “Butterflies”

The UNC Turner Syndrome Clinic provides multidisciplinary care to improve the lives of patients, also known as “butterflies.”

A father and his son pose for a photo at a local park.

The Father Effect

Shauna Cooper has spent over a decade studying Black fathers and their roles in child development.

Photo of Dorothy Espelage standing in a high school hallway with her arms crossed.

The Bullying Pathway

Dorothy Espelage is a pioneering and prolific researcher in the study of school-based bullying, rapidly growing the field and protecting kids along the way.

Portrait of Ramona Denby-Brinson, an illustration of a tree is superimposed behind her.

All in the Family

Ramona Denby-Brinson has spent the last 30 years keeping children out of the foster system and in the homes of relatives.

Aerial view of the Waimak River in New Zealand.

Measuring Water from Space

A new NASA satellite is recording the first global survey of Earth’s water cycle with unprecedented accuracy — and Tamlin Pavelsky is verifying its data from North Carolina to New Zealand.

Photo of Barbara Fredrickson and Allison Lazard.

Social media health intervention wins $3.25M in NCI funding

Allison Lazard and Barbara Fredrickson are using social media to promote wellness through in-person connection. Their interdisciplinary studies are gaining momentum, with three out of three research proposals receiving funding.

Ric Colacito stands behind a desk with his arms bracing him on it. The light behind him is orange.

A Slow Burn

Ric Colacito’s research suggests that, in the worst-case scenario, rising temperatures could reduce U.S. economic growth by up to one-third over the next century.

Portrait of Taylor Teitsworth behind clear pitchers of water.

Harnessing Hydrogen

Carolina chemists have created a technology that can split water into its component parts, opening the door to more options for alternative energy.

Portrait of Cassandra Davis in a classroom.

A Fair Recovery

Cassandra R. Davis has dedicated her career to reframing the conversation around disaster relief, advocating for the marginalized groups that struggle to recover.