[PART II] QGIS and GRASS Open Source GIS

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[PART II] QGIS and GRASS Open Source GIS

[PART II] QGIS and GRASS Open Source GIS


October 12, 2022    
10:00 am - 12:00 pm


Davis Library Research Hub
208 Raleigh Street, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 27514

This is a three-part, hands-on GIS course. No previous GIS experience is required.
This event is hybrid.

Part 1 session on Monday will be a general overview and introduction to the benefits of Open Source GIS in general, to QGIS in specific, and will include our first hands-on session with QGIS. Topics to be covered include: the QGIS user interface, loading vector and raster files, QGIS plug-ins, web mapping functions, QGIS data manipulation, icons and pull-down tools, basic data manipulation, working with attribute tables, and general familiarity with QGIS.

Part 2 session on Wednesday will continue our work with QGIS, including using the vector, raster, and web analysis functions, using the print composer. We will also cover the QGIS website, tutorials, listserv, discussion groups, sources of help, etc.

Part 3 session on Friday will focus on the GRASS GIS and other advanced tools available through the QGIS Processing Toolbox within the QGIS interface. Topics covered will include the GRASS vector and raster data formats, GRASS vector, raster, and imagery analysis, GRASS 3-D data (voxels), the raster map calculator, the print composer, and other GRASS capabilities. You can attend just the first, first two, or all dates.

Laptops are required for this course, no computers are in the room. Students should download QGIS (www.qgis.org) before the class, and will download the sample data and tutorials (QGIS includes a current version of GRASS) at the start of the class. QGIS runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. At the end of the course, students will have a general ability to use QGIS and GRASS, and can continue learning on their own using the data and tutorials provided.

UNC students, faculty, and staff will need to have their PID.