StoryMaps and Web Mapping with ArcGIS Online

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StoryMaps and Web Mapping with ArcGIS Online

StoryMaps and Web Mapping with ArcGIS Online


October 10, 2022    
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm


Davis Library Research Hub
208 Raleigh Street, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 27514

Creating maps for the web is an excellent way to visualize information and communicate research. Attend this online workshop to learn how fun it can be to make sharable, interactive maps. ArcGIS Online is a popular web mapping platform used for online data analysis and visualization. The Story Maps feature allows users to make informative, map-based webpages without any coding! Examples can be found here.

This hands-on, guided workshop will begin with a short overview of the capabilities of ArcGIS Online. The rest of the workshop will focus on how to create Story Maps. By the end of the workshop, attendees will understand the basic functions of ArcGIS Online – such as adding and storing data and sharing web maps – and will be able to create their own beautiful, interactive Story Maps.

This workshop is offered by University Libraries and will be led by librarian Phil McDaniel.

Please note that while everyone is welcome to join this workshop, we can only facilitate access to ArcGIS Online for UNC-Chapel Hill affiliates.

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