Webinar: What is FABRIC?

Webinar: What is FABRIC?
Tuesday November 5, 2:00 PM | Online

Register: https://info.whatisfabric.net/webinar-what-is-fabric-11-05-19

FABRIC is a NSF-funded grant that will create a unique national research infrastructure to enable cutting-edge and exploratory at-scale research in networking, cybersecurity, distributed computing and storage systems, machine learning, and science applications.

It will be an ‘everywhere-programmable’ nationwide instrument comprised of novel extensible network elements equipped with large amounts of compute and storage, interconnected by high speed, dedicated optical links. It will connect a number of specialized testbeds (5G/IoT PAWR, NSF Clouds) and HPC (High-Performance Computing) facilities to create a rich fabric for a wide variety of experimental activities.

The initial 30-minute talk will give a high-level introduction to FABRIC and discuss ways for communities to get involved. We will cover how organizations can write FABRIC into their grant proposals (like the upcoming CC* opportunity). During the second portion of the webinar, attendees will also have the opportunity for Q&A with a panel of FABRIC leadership.