FPG @Carolina Science Café

Photo of a mother and child touching foreheads and smiling at one another.

FPG @Carolina Science Café
Wednesday November 6, 6:00 PM | Back Bar, Top of the Hill Restaurant

The Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute (FPG) hosts it’s first “Impact of the Child Separation on Child Development” presentation series at November’s Science Cafe, hosted by Morehead Planetarium. FPG Faculty Fellows Margaret Sheridan and Roger Mills-Koonce will kickoff the series with their presentation on “Biology to Policy.”

Margaret Sheridan, PhD, is an assistant professor in the Clinical Psychology Program at UNC, and Faculty Fellow at FPG. She is the director of the Child Imaging Research on Cognition and Life Experiences Lab (CIRCLE Lab). Sheridan’s research examines typical and atypical neurodevelopment of the prefrontal cortex and related systems supporting development of executive function across age.

Roger Mills-Koonce, PhD, is an associate professor in the division of Human Development and Family Studies and the division of Applied Developmental Science, and faculty fellow at FPG. His areas of expertise include complimentary areas of research involving the integration of experience and psychobiological functioning in individual development and functioning. His primary research interest focuses on biopsychosocial models of parenting, parent-child attachment relationships, and the emergence of self-regulation in early childhood.

On December 4, join FPG Faculty Fellow Gabriela Stein and FPG Investigator Sherika Hill at December’s Science Café for the next presentation of the series, “Adolescent Mental Health Outcomes and Policy Implications.”

Event is open to all.